Event: Design MMoCA 2016

What is it? Design MMoCA celebrates art and design by placing the region’s design community at center stage.  This event allows creative professionals to create designs of unlimited vision – using works from the museum’s permanent collection as inspiration.  Design MMoCA is a unique opportunity for design professionals to develop an idea with a level of creative freedom not typically experienced in day-to-day design work.

How were we involved? Participants were encouraged to ‘break the pattern’ of day-to-day design work and create an installation inspired by an artwork in the MMoCA permanent collection. We chose the set of $1 prints by Andy Warhol for our inspiration and featured artwork. As we examined the Warhol $1 prints, thoughts of money consumed our initial discussion, but the simple idiom time is money arose just as quickly. We spend money and we spend time. We all want more of each but we especially want more time. It’s our most treasured asset, a driving force that we ultimately have no control over, and the manner in which we value time can change significantly and often. Our six interpretations of the value of time will encourage you to consider the impact of time, an unexpected theme when contemplated among bold dollar signs.