Kickoff Each project we take on begins with a kickoff meeting.  We discuss the project to help determine what exactly it is you are looking  for. By doing this, we are able to generate a proposal and set deadlines. Our design process can then be tailored specifically to your needs and wants.

Explore Uncovering the needs and wants of the user is one of the most important steps in our design process.  By understanding the demographic, we are able to uncover problem areas within existing designs and create something that works better for the user and in turn, sets itself apart from the competition. We utilize several different research methods that help kick start our design process and get the creative juices flowing.

Create During this phase of the design process, our team of Industrial Designers and Engineers collaborate to create several concepts. Our team uses the knowledge they learned during the exploration phase to begin ideating with quick sketches that will later be refined into full concepts.   

Refine Our multi-disciplinary team collaborates and evaluates our current design concepts in order to take our solution to the next level. During this phase, feasibility and functionality issues are resolved and preliminary concepts are transformed into solid solutions that go above and beyond the needs of our clients.

Deliver Final concept prototypes are created. Final refinements are made. Our team is well trained in ensuring our concepts are designed for manufacturing (DFM) so the transition from prototype to manufacturing is a smooth one.