Client: Pony 

Product: Casework Claw


  • Research
    • Qualitative User Study - Interviews and report with photo documentation
  • Industrial Design
    • Inspiration boards
    • Material boards
    • Developed multiple concepts providing options for usability and aesthetics
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • 3D CAD Design
    • 2D Detail Drawings

We conducted an accelerated user study to identify user’s perception of the Pony/Jorgensen brand. After identifying the user driven success criteria, we applied it to a new product offering in the Jorgensen line of clamps, “The Casework Claw.” Looking beyond the cosmetics, Credo engineers fine-tuned the design by utilizing high-end stress simulations to ensure the die-cast magnesium design would hold up under the rigors of heavy use. The finished design is a no-frills, instant classic that provides the reliability that Jorgensen clamp users have relied upon for decades while incorporating styling details to help modernize the brand.

What is it? This clamp was designed exclusively for the frame less kitchen and bath cabinets, commercial casework, closet systems, garage storage systems, storage shelving, bookcases and more. Die cast magnesium, which is stronger and lighter than die cast aluminum, along with the rapid acting acme screw allows for easy application and versatility.