Client: Vista Dental

Product: Auto Syringe


We utilized our responsive and nimble design approach in order to achieve the client’s goal of creating a revolutionary product that would be the first in a set of products with shared new technologies. We worked closely with the client to meet their requirements for optimizing the sizing of the device to ensure comfort for both the dental technician and the patient. The completed design utilizes in-mold decorating for a high-end styling that tightly packages a state-of-the-art fluid delivery system.  

  • Industrial Design
    • Concepts for styling and usability
    • Ergonomic optimization
    • CAD surfacing
    • Photo-realistic renderings
  • Graphic and User Interface Design
    • LED user interface design
    • Icon development
    • Logo enhancement for in-mold labeling (IML)
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Technology integration and implementation
    • Detail 3D CAD design of product enclosures and fluid management
    • Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)
    • 2D Detail Drawings
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery cordless design
    • Charging base PCB with schematic
  • Prototyping
    • Looks-Like Works-Like rapid prototypes

What is it? The AutoSyringe eliminates hand fatigue associated with standard syringe irrigation. It features an easy to fill and change 20mL canister as well as a safe and controlled flow of irrigating solutions with variable flow rate settings.